Collection Info

Total Supply: 8420 NFTs

WL and Public mint date: 4/20/2023 at 4:20 pm UTC

Mint price (WL): 6 matic

Mint price (Public): 8 matic

A strange yet unique creature has decided to "ride the purple wave" with the polygon community. They hail from the Wonderful World of Weed and bring with them good fortune in the way of PASSIVE INCOME. Word on the wave is they are looking for a place to farm their crops for the benefit of anyone who loves $MATIC Introducing The BRAINY BUDZ, brought to you by Purple Wave Studios. 8420 awesome creations longing to find a home in your wallets where they will help you reap the awesome rewards up for grabs. There's plenty of room on the wave, come and see how this stroy unfolds.....

About Brainy Budz

The Purple Wave Studios team loves all Polygon projects, and for this reason our beloved Brainy Budz have collaborated with OG Polygon builders to bring you a unique concept to unite these projects and others and form one Polygon family.
Each project will be featured in our collection. Brainy Budz will have special traits representing each of our art collaboration partners. Few Brainy Budz out of 8420 will hold these super rare traits.

Who knows, maybe holding 1 of each of these Budz will have huge benefits in the not too distant future……..

We have 11 art collaboration partners

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